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SEO Service

SEO service is one of the best marketing policies to get organic traffic. We are seoprobd and we have a goal which is to get your website on number 1 position by giving white hat manual search engine optimization. If you are really looking for the best seo company in Bangladesh then you are the best place. We have successfully completed 400+ projects in 3 years and get love and tips from our respected clients. Let’s discuss and start your projects as well.

Proven SEO Services that Work!

We will help you build scalable infrastructure and develop your brand’s online presence with our organic search methodologies. Once your website traffic starts to grow, we will start our process for conversion rate optimization so that you can see the real results in terms of dollars! We will start the actual planning of your project after a proper analysis to get the desired results to match your business objectives.

Premium SEO Services

With our premium seo services, you can rest assured that our tеаm is always up tо date оn thе lаtеѕt guidеlinеѕ laid down by Google as well аѕ all thе nеw techniques, technologies and trеndѕ. Thе wоrld of оnlinе marketing is so fаѕt расеd thаt what worked last month mау not work tоdау. Staying current iѕ оur jоb! Search Engines аrе thе numbеr оnе ѕоurсе of trаffiс tо уоur wеbѕitе with more than 85% оf web uѕеrѕ employing ѕеаrсh еnginеѕ to find web ѕitеѕ. If уоur buѕinеѕѕ is nоt оn frоnt раgе оf mаjоr ѕеаrсh еnginеѕ, сhаnсеѕ аrе you are lоѕing to your competition еvеrу minute.

Top Seo Services Company in Bangladesh that Keeps PROMISES

Markets are changing every second; you need to be attentive and alert to handle each inventive update that can affect your business. SEO is such a tool in your kitty that can push your business to higher portals and at the same time, can protect it from the jolts of any new update. SEO experts create plans to increase online traffic, sales volume and hence, the ROI.

SEO Service

Our SEO Work Speaks, it wins Awards!

Our experience in SEO consulting has taught us many great things. One of the most important ones is that the freshness and relevance of content is vital for a successful SEO strategy. Our Search Engine Optimizatio services in Bangladesh,  helps us in taking evidence based strategic decisions as against experimenting on clients money. Getting your website ranked on top of the SERP is the dream of every website owner. However, with all the large numbers of factors that need to be controlled to get this it becomes much more complex most of the time if you don’t choose the right SEO agency in Mumbai. So, what do we do?

Want to Know How We Rank Your Website on Top?

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis helps us to do the industry check and to define actionable points based on the data we gather. For eg: their keywords, their rankings, their content marketing strategy, etc. However, we would opt in for the ideal strategies required to rank your website on top.

Keyword Research

We would mutually finalize the list of keywords that are ideal & caters to the business objectives of your brand. For eg: you could share the list of products/services which you intend to focus more where the margins are higher, we shall focus exactly on the same so that the rankings would be in alignment with the business objectives.

In-depth Site Analysis

Google has laid down guidelines on how an ideal website should be from a SEO & user perspective. We do a detailed audit(technical & user experience) & create a checklist. The pointers in the checklist would be implemented upon mutual agreement

Basemark Report

We will share the basemark report with all the current SEO statistics of your brand based on the In-Depth Analysis of the portal. This report would help us to measure the growth of the campaign on a month on month basis as per the new SEO scope.

Backlinks Analysis

We do an extensive assessment on the number of links coming from external websites to enhance and excel. We make sure that all the links coming to our site are from credible websites. The credibility is measured with the domain authority of the website.

Internal link structuring & optimization

Wikipedia is the best example for this, Wikipedia is ranking on most of the keywords just because of their powerful internal linking structure. We will do the internal linking on the website basis the relevancy so that the link juice is flowed from top to all the pages of the website. (From homepage to all the pages of the website).

Content Planning

We would be doing a content planning basis for the final list of keywords as per the ‘Bucket Brigade’ SEO strategy. We would make sure that the content is unique and has the ideal keyword density, tonality & flow.

Engagement Models

We would share suggestions on how we increase the engagement on the website. For eg: Official blog, Chatbot, etc…This is one of the crucial elements of SEO 2018 strategies post arrival of the RankBrain algorithm. As now, Dwell time & CTR would play the prominent role for ranking any website on top.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

With RankBrain in action, it is difficult to rank any website just based on the content & backlinks. Google is now far more smarter & can understand the context of the content on the page and would rank only those pages that addresses the queries of users & adds value for them.

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